Write On Henry James and Billy Joel


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Never read Henry James prior to writing anything yourself. I’m almost finished reading The Aspern Papers. The man’s writing is not just evocative and literate but he is a consummate storyteller.

I promise that by the end of a James tale you’ll be feeling like the worst hack at the local Junior High School.¬†Or Reno Gazette Journal.

The RGJ newspaper sucksYesterday I read quite a bit, while simultaneously growing moss on my north side, at the Social Security office. Almost two hours in Waiting Room Purgatory so I could get called to the window, pass across a request for a duplicate card, and receive proof that I had done so. The actual transaction took maybe 7 minutes.


My mind was so filled with the story I had been reading that actually going to the window rather agitated me.

Composing this blog now seems like a pathetic endeavor. Oh god I’ve always harbored a suspicion about my musical abilities, now I’m positive that my writing skills are hack-worthy as well.

Having said that I shall continue and take comfort in the knowledge that while I will never be a Mozart I can out-play Billy Joel, and while I’ll never be a Henry James I can out-write authors such as the oaf who penned The Bridges of Madison County.

I remember throwing that piece of crap against a wall after finishing it. A waste of two hours in my life I’ll never recover. When did that book come out? 10 or 15 years ago? It was then that I ceased even perusing the New York Times best-sellers list. With so many great writers and musicians to find and fall in love with, why waste time with the simply adequate. Or just plain awful.

The punishing thing about running into genius is that it has contradictory effects. On one hand it can be crushing to my own fragile ego, but the cool thing (on that rhetorical other hand) is that it inspires me to new heights, ideas, and feverish perseverance.

The latter effect far outweighs the former.

Tomorrow I’m going to go ahead and write about the weird and wild emails of the week, along with the un-usual cast of characters and special guests. That was the original subject of this evening’s ramblings.

Tonight I’m just too tired. Not sleepy but exhausted. I spent 4 hours with car horrors today. The Jeep broke down miles from home, where I waited for an hour in freezing temps for AAA, and then babied it to the dealership on the other side of town. The end result?A repair bill and monetary palpitations, along with no completed errands, laundry, or visit to the gym.

Trust me, I spent time in tears on a couple of occasions this afternoon and evening. I so dislike this physical manifestation of weakness and fear -sigh-

Let’s just say that today was very troubling and difficult. The car was only the piece de resistance to cap it off.

The morning will look better than my evening does now. Some reading of a great author, a lot of listening to amazing music, and then the inevitable pull to try my hand at both. I’m no genius at music or writing but my god, the intoxication and satisfaction at just attempting to create art makes life worth living.

Besides, the coffee will be fresh and skiing a possibility. Particularly since the car is running quite nicely. Again.

I’m tired and lonely and ready to start fresh tomorrow.

No Brain No Gain

~Miss R

Currently listening: The Tiki Bar is Open

By: John Hiatt
Release date: 11 September, 2001


2 thoughts on “Write On Henry James and Billy Joel

  1. measuring up against the best can be a daunting task … if you want to joing that exalted band. Yes, talents, even gifts, are needed to be in that elite. But there is joy in the pure act of creation – just for yourself and a few close friends. It can make you appreciate the greatness of these men and women even more.

    You talk about Mozart – I’ve run up against the magnificence of Bach, and yes, it crushed me too.



  2. I think you’ve touched on the one place that a healthy ego is absolutely necessary and good. Now, ego does not equal delusion. I come at things from an artistic standpoint, but I think healthy ego crosses all occupational boundaries.

    I think one must have a healthy ego in order to excel at endeavors which have less-than-concrete criteria. It takes “knowing that you are good” to actually be good. If one has this attitude, greatness can be gazed upon without be crushing. I believe it is with this attitude that we are most receptive to actually learning from greatness: a sort of “I can do that, too.” Or perhaps more of a “I get that”.

    I don’t believe it’s such a bad thing to think that we’re great at something, as long as we remember two things: 1. others can be great also and 2. we’ll always have something else to learn.


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