I could be Garbo if I wanted to


Where's Rachael


I got a cold!

Cool isn’t it. Some people get tax refunds, a new skirt, a boyfriend, or a puppy.

In the words of Charlie Brown…. I got a rock.

So today Miss R sits here sniffling, attempting to work on two projects which are falling woefully behind.

Fu*&ing FLASH. Can someone please help me out here switching over a Powerpoint presentation to a Flash file?

My child will be of no help to her deathly ill momma. She was utterly worthless as a help-mate during the recovery from my hysterectomy this Fall so I’m thinking that a cold will not phase her in the least.

Time to put on my Garbo face and do the Camille thing when she gets back from school.
Dammit. She doesn’t know who Garbo is.

Alright scrap that plan and load up on Thera-Flu.
Legal pharmaceutical goodness.

With a little luck I’ll pass this thing on to some unsuspecting ankle-biters at Long’s.
Oh, the world offers opportunities for a smile and happiness after all.


~Miss “I must take to my bed. Quickly! Bring the Salts!” R


Currently Listening to:
The Essential Benny Goodman
By Benny Goodman
Release date: 13 July, 2006

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