disheartening stupidity


I lost my wallet and cell phone this weekend.

It’s not the money –okay it IS the goddamned money because it was the only cash I had- but the real problem is that my drivers license, insurance card, debit card, credit card, pictures of my daughter, business cards and god knows what else was in there as well.

I have called everyplace I was on Saturday night with no luck.
To say this is depressing is a no brainer.

Tomorrow I have to begin canceling everything, get a new phone, spend hours at the DMV to get a new license (and gleefully pay for the privilege!) and contact the State of Nevada about obtaining a replacement medical insurance card.
Oh yeah, my daughter’s card was in there as well.

This is the first time I have lost a wallet in at least 15 years. The last time was in a bar in San Francisco. A week later the wallet showed up in the mail. I’d left it on top of the jukebox and someone found it and actually returned it.
Talk about cool people.

The funny thing was that I didn’t even want to bring my purse Saturday night, who knows why. Fucking premonitions are worthless if you pay them no attention.
The bag I carried that night has a history of coming open and it’s my best guess that at some point during the evening the wallet and phone fell out.

Poor TK spent the entire day ripping his house apart to see if I had somehow waylaid them there. No luck. I did the same thing here and in my car.
My cell phone still rings when I call the number so the fucker is on. Somewhere. Probably in the bottom of a dumpster with my wallet.

As an added bit of interest I went to a noon meeting today. Seems I need to do that again.
Oh yeah it more than seems so.

That’s it.
Tonight Lizzie and I will watch some TV and consider myriad forms of self-loathing and the finer aspects of sheer stupidity.
Well, Lizzie will watch TV. I’ll be doing the pondering.
Will somebody please shut my head off?

I’ve had better days. Perhaps tomorrow will be one of them.

~miss r

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