12 Bar Piano Blues in A


Painful refrain
48 beats
Flatted 7th
I am the blues now

No one to hear
Which is fine
The things I write
Are not for every body

Jesus loves me
But no one else does
I love a man
But he probably doesn’t

My blues are internal
Sharing them would engender
Phone calls visits and emails
I no longer wish to answer

I once had an audience
An audience of one
Who understood
Without much judgment

Well just enough judgment
To keep my mind heart and music
Alive and on sharp edge
To see a future

His blues were in E
Different but on the same plane
Sad bitter and haunted
And I listened with little judgment

The 12 bars I live
In this place of darkness
Solitude without end
Nights without sleep

Are calling me to another venue
Where it is quiet
No more thoughts or tears
Or regrets.

~miss r

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