Boston Tomorrow

Well my bags are packed. I’m ready to go.
Jesus I hate that friggin song.
Almost as much as: Please come to Boston in the…

So my bags are packed and I am off to Boston at 4:45 am.
The plane allegedly leaves the ground at 6:00 am but I called the cab company to come and pick me up at 4:45.
As you do.

Couldn’t bring myself to go out to the storage unit and get an actual suitcase, it would have been too depressing. All of the Cabin Fever inventory is in there, along with my books, antiques and other memorabilia.
So I did what was necessary; crammed clothes, toiletries, etc into two carry-on bags. Nice.
Got ironing boards?

It won’t be too bad where I’m staying. Not by a long shot.
Behold the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.

Built in 1927 and looking absolutely gorgeous and classic from the website.

The downside? I’m going to meet up with my family. Oh god THE HORROR.
Not really.
Here’s the horror…
It’s an AA convention and conference. Yeah really.
My dad is an M.D. and has 25 years clean and sober. My step-mother is a black belt Al-Anon. I’ve been to this particular event before. Different city each year which is fun. International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous.
Oops. There goes the fucking anonymity thing.

My daughter will be there as well. My dad has paid for Cate (aforementioned daughter/demon seed) to attend as well. There’s an entire schedule for teens.
I have not seen my daughter since May when I sent her to live with her dad for a while.
I miss her. Every damned day.
I miss my dad as well.

He’s 75 and I last saw him at Thanksgiving. He looks like an aged gnome.
What the fuck. When did my parents get old?
This is so not right.

So I sit here, xanax at the ready in an attempt and get some sleep before the cab arrives.
It could happen.
So sayeth Miss Insomnia.

My plans for the week? Spend time with my daughter and father, when they are not attending meetings, CMA classes (for dad to keep his medical license accreditation) and other AA related stuff.
Other than that I plan on doing a lot of walking.

There’s a great Edward Hopper exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts this month. I’ve never been to Boston and I plan on taking full advantage of the historical sites, museums and maybe a trip to a brewery museum. Or two. Or three.
Oh yeah there’s the restaurants. Mmmm gimme that sea-food diet baby.
Thank Goddess there’s a gym at the hotel.

Alright kids see you in a week.
Don’t wait up but do say a prayer to the tree of your choice.
TK you can still meet me there.
John thanks for being a friend.
Gonzo thank you for watching Lizzie Borden. And being a friend. You’re the bestest. BTW the porn is under the TV in the bedroom.

~Miss R

3 thoughts on “Boston Tomorrow

  1. I’m going to see the Hopper exhibit tomorrow.
    Make sure you go to Finale for some dessert.
    I walk by the place (and the Park Plaza) every single day on my way to work.
    Thanks for the link.



  2. i DID go to finale. it was fabulous. mmmm dessert as a specialty? i’m there.
    so enjoyed the Hopper exhibit.
    actually i so enjoyed all of boston.
    lived in nyc (it’s okay i’m a mets fan) for almost ten years and it was expensive. to contemplate boston boggles my tiny mind.
    i’d need a REAL job.
    thank you for the tips.


  3. You are welcome.
    How many calories did you kill at Finale?
    My wife and I shot down about 2,000 calories last visit.
    And a sweet visit it was.
    And yes, Hopper was amazing.
    I’m sporting my new fez here
    Take care.


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