dammit have to pull the ad

Holy crap. I’m gonna have to pull that CL ad.
I’ve actually received a few replies from men who sound interesting and found the fucking post funny –not just bizarre.
There have been over 20 replies in the last 6 hours.

Now I may be a bitch but I’m not gonna do something to lead people on.
Unless of course there’s something in it for me.
Okay not really.

Goddamned conscience gets me every time.

Oh well it seemed like a good idea this morning. I had to post an ad for the Jeep anyway and I was feeling particularly sarcastic and playful.

Well, here are a few of the replies so far. I’m gonna pull the thing down tonight at midnight.
Some of the replies are so retarded that it’s not worth the effort to re-type or copy and paste.
Some are from known (if you read CL) Reno psychos.
Here for your edification are a random sampling of the unknown. The unloved. The-Unhinged-for-Good-Reason single Reno guy…

Say good night Gracie.
Good night Gracie.

by the way the **** indicates my thoughts and/or repsonse to the writer.

REPLIES du jour

1. how bout harmonica ?
worst book read karan …….
p.s it’s not the dead you have to worry about,it’s the living …..

**** hmmmmmm last I checked the harmonica was a musical instrument, as opposed to the accordion of course. Does he mean the Q’uaran? Or some porn star named karan?

2. im not a musician just a plain jane im 39 very staBLE


**** holy Christ you have GOT to be kidding me. James Bond? So much for public school education James

3. 24/m/Reno. What do you do in the boneyard (for my own morbid curiousity)? Your posting looked intresting.

**** yikes clearly another graduate of UNR. Or not. He’s 24 and my post states I’m 45??

4. Now that’s a different post.

**** This is my favorite so far. To the point. No come-on. Just a comment. This is actually what I was hoping for in the way of replies. Nothing serious just a few bemused words from a reader.

5. Your name would not be Mary Miller by any chance, would it?

**** Oh I have the most evil urge to write back and say… YES! That IS me. how have you been?

6. I don’t believe I have ever seen an add like this before.

**** another good one

Well kids it’s time to watch a movie. Or comb the cat. Or write back to the guys who took my ad at face value and were intriguing. I gotta come clean here.
I’m not ready for intriguing.
Or a relationship with anyone but TK.

Think I’ll pour another glass of club soda.
Went to the gym this afternoon in a fit of masochism so I deserve that club soda dammit. Not to mention a cigarette.
Thought I said not to mention it.

~Miss “fuckitall I have a conscience” R

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