another day another ducat

Salad with kalamata olives, spinach and wasabai dressing –homemade I might add.
Time at the gym.
Placing a third ad for my jeep in a different marketplace.
Picking a card out for my daughter’s 14th birthday and wrapping the present.
Going to the post office and mailing the gift.
Crying because I miss her.
Answering ads about the Jeep.
Paying bills.
Dumbass Tinfoil-Hat-Conspiracy-Theory-Cleint not showing up.
Contemplating re-establishing my cable connection.
Renting films is more expensive than having cable.
Unless of course you’re willing to trade flicks?

This is my life.
Well, just add books and a few subtle grins of course.
Never let ’em catch you without a smile.

~miss r

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