Legend of 1900

Thanks to Chris I was able to see this fine film, and had never heard of this prior to last week.
You do not have to be a pianist, ragtime or even music aficionado to fall in love with this unusual film

It was directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, who also made Cinema Paradisio.
The film tells the story of a man born and abandoned on a Trans-Atlantic steamer. The stoker who finds the newborn names him, due to it being New Years Day 1900…
The boy never leaves the ship but hears music from the grand ballroom orchestra from a very early age. He is a musical prodigy at the piano.
His knowledge of ragtime and stride is amazing, and one of my favorite scenes is of Jellyroll Morton (who hears of this mystery pianist aboard a ship) and books passage strictly to challenge him to a piano dual.
Sheer wonder. Both from the musicality and wit in the scene.

By the way, Jellyroll (one if my own personal heroes) gets a serious cinematic comeuppance in this bit. Sheer brilliance.

The film is filled with humor, pathos and some of the most beautiful cinematography I’ve ever seen.

Thank you Chris.

Now all of you…
Go find a copy of this magnificent flick. If you can find the soundtrack pick it up as well.
I may be a biased ragtime-piano-playing aficionado but I’m also a movie buff.
I loved it on all of these levels.

Trying to Find Reasons to Stay Afloat,

~Miss R

  Currently listening :
Birth of the Hot
By Jelly Roll Morton
Release date: 29 August, 1995

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