almost inventory-free

mom’s in the next room reading and i am in my bedroom.
smoking a ciggie.

traded the inventory for an old Ford F-150 4×4 extended cab long bed. It has 90K miles on it and the A/C does not seem to work. Maybe just a freon thing. cross your fingers.
It runs well. new tires. new brakes. two gas tanks (yeah i’ll be needing that), and a full tow package and hitch.
needs a paint job in the WORST way.

Tomorrow the husband and wife who made the trade will come pick up the remainder of the inventory. The wife and I loaded half of it ourselves this afternoon. In the heat.
Thankfully without my mom helping or being there.

Damn this smoke tastes good. Ah.

So this truck is ass-kicking ugly and BIG. It’s also registered in California. In fact it was just registered and passed smog there two weeks ago.
Dammit now I have to deal with the Nevada DMV and pay sales tax.
At some point.

There you have it.
Now I can clear out the storage unit, cram the remainder of my personal belongings into this apartment (yeah good luck with that) and cross one more monthly debt off the list.

All I need now is more work or a winning lottery ticket.
Some sleep would be good too. Last night only got two hours.
This is what I get for not partying and staying home every night.

Gotta go. I think mom may be awake.

~miss r

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