Trucks, Paperwork, Websites and No Burns

The entire inventory from my store Cabin Fever is gone now.

The remains of a ten year stretch in life. Been crying since getting back from the storage unit. Jesus. Sometimes I’m seriously pathetic.

The buyers definitely got the better end of the deal. By quite a bit.
Have to chalk it up to a loss and move on just as with everything else.
Right now I can see outside the window and look right at that eyesore of a truck.



You know I used to be somebody.
Well okay, at least in my own little mind.

This afternoon we moved the remaining inventory into a van.
There is still so much in that storage shed. I’m thinking that my daughter’s room will be FILLED with boxes of antique Fiestaware, Bauer pieces, pictures, the tools and kitchen implements from my old espresso bar, cash register, and just boxes and boxes of books.

Oh god what am I going to do with the turn of the huge turn of the century buffet and 1800’s cedar chest?? There’s no room in this apartment.

It’s going to look like some kind of dementia-ridden old person’s house; the kind where the fire marshal comes out and orders a crew to find the body but it takes 16 hours because there’s so much crap in the place.


Right now I should have been getting last minute things done for Burning Man.

Was supposed to leave tomorrow for the entire time and had been planning this for months.

Now I’m alone and without a place to camp or people to hang with. Hell, even though I have a tent I’ve no idea if the goddamned thing is even functional.

Besides, wtf am I going to do there alone and not knowing anyone?
Add to this I cannot find Rebecca right now.
Rebecca? Rebecca? Where are you?
I know you have plans but where are you?

Tomorrow a.m. is a meeting with Tinfoil Hat Guy. If I’m lucky it will be the last one.

Lucky on one side because he makes me stark raving berserk. Unlucky on the other because I am still searching for more clients or a part-time job off the books.
What makes this so difficult?

Just finished ANOTHER round of paperwork for SSA and it will be mailed to the –you’ll love this- Hawaii office.

Right now my case is on ‘review’.
This means that another case worker reviews the same crap (plus the new ream I just filled out) as the first case worker. The one who turned me down.
Yes yes it is de rigueur for the situation but jesus h christ.

You’d think that it would be a case worker in Reno. Or at least the same fucking state in which you reside.
Eeee gads.

Hope that it does not take another five months for this review process, as it did to actually receive the paperwork to fill out for the review. This was after the first six months it took to be denied the first time.
My ass will be on the streets by then.

Mom was her usual depressing self tjhis visit so I’m feeling even more blue and worthless than usual.

Well, wish that this blog contained a few bon mots, words of wisdom, a cackle or even a smile.

It just isn’t in me right now and I hate that.
I love to smile and laugh.
This is unnatural. As well as heart breaking

Back to work on the Winchester Mystery Website. Oh Massah Got me Workin’.

so all I can say is……..

Arbeit Mach Frei Motherfucker!


~miss r

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