Burn Baby Burn. Techno Inferno.

i Honey I’m Home
Above is a pic of half the members of Camp We Have No Fucking Name but we DO Drink Moet Chandon from the Bottle During Dust Storms.

Left to right is Mike, Sandy and Scott with Charles in the foreground.

Made it back from Burning Man in a record 5 hour drive…. For a ride that normally takes 1.5 hours. We left before noon too.

Am thinking I need to burn everything I took with me as well.
Between the amazingly wicked dust/wind/small rock storms of Thursday and Friday and normal Playa dust…. The horror.

It was beautiful, amazing and surreal.

Everything you have heard about Burning Man is true.
Nothing you have heard about Burning Man is true.

More later after I get some sleep.
Sorry but I’ve been literally dancing until dawn, meeting folks from all over the world, enjoying the most intriguing unusual art, hearing great techno and house, finding kindness from strangers, riding my bike in the cool desert night, being caught mid-playa in gale force dust storms with nothing but a bicycle, short skirt and body paint (right after riding in the Critical Tit race) plus not really eating for 4 days.
Rachael tired.

~miss r

Currently listening:
Remixes 81-04
By: Depeche Mode
Release date: 26 October, 2004

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