santa cruzin’

Friends help you move
Real friends help you move bodies
My friends all have fucked-up backs

So yesterday was spent emptying out the storage unit. By myself.
Three trips with the truck, which took from 11:30 am until 6:00 pm.
My back is in agony, Cate’s room is crammed with boxes and impossible to navigate, and there is a ton of stuff to go through.
Next week.

This week I’m off to Santa Cruz. Never been there despite living in California for many years. Am looking forward to seeing the ocean again.
Hell I’m looking forward to seeing anything again after wrestling boxes and boxes and yet more heavy-ass boxes plus two huge pieces of furniture into and back out of the truck. After all…
I’m just a girl.

If this story has touched your heart please send a new heating pad and all of your vicodin to:
Locusta C. Black
La Rue
Reno, NV 89509

See ya Friday

~Miss R

8 thoughts on “santa cruzin’

  1. “Friends help you move
    Real friends help you move bodies
    My friends all have fucked-up backs”

    You are so quotable.
    My back feels for your back.


  2. ““Friends help you move
    Real friends help you move bodies
    My friends all have fucked-up backs””

    Um, so, Max stole it first but I was gonna copy it anyway…

    Definitely quotable. Ok, now, so you are moving to Santa Cruz? I took my nephew there last week. Sort of a sleepy town it seems, very peaceful, somewhat Zen like…hey, surfing was discovered there!


  3. [it is an excellent quote too we should all steal it Rachaeel will be famous for impacting society more strongly than the where’s the beef commercial]


  4. ha, i will be famous for agitating people.
    too late.

    can’t move to santa cruz though i would adore doing so. gah i loved it.
    went there to spend time with a guy but we are so incompatible he might as well be my brother.
    if i had one.
    let’s just say i wouldn’t fuck him with my brother’s dick.
    if i had one.
    a brother.
    not a dick.
    oh hell either one


  5. oh god. you don’t mean the surfer statue do you -grin-.
    sorry, as if I care where surfing started.,
    i only care that i DID grow up on the beach in Cali and DID spend the 80’s in NYC
    paid my dues hell yeah

    not that i wouldn’t love to live in santa cruz -sigh-
    in my dreams 😉


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