Where in the World Is Rachael Reno?

Oh god it’s nice to be home.
I was in the hospital all week.
It was a horror show of extraordinary magnitude.

There were 20 phone messages and at least 100 emails when I walked in the door. First thing I did upon returning home was get ahold of James after seeing his IM message. Of course I’d left the computer on in my absence.

You see no one knew I was admitted, because it wasn’t a planned thing. Not my parents not my friends, no one. I had only planned to visit the clinic to apply for low-income health care and meds. Thought I’d be home in 5 to 6 hours. Max.

Lizzie Borden had only enough food and water for that day when I left. Thank Goddess that James (that’s Gonzo to you) noticed I had not been online. He came by and fed Liz while I was gone. Then he called some hospitals but still didn’t locate me. Says he was ready to make a Missing Persons Report.
I love you James. You’re a doll and a good friend. Lizzie says Meow.

All I will say is that my blood pressure is now down from 168/140 to 114/84 and the headaches are gone. Here I always joke about ‘stroking out’.
Had some other issues that caused me to be admitted but that’s not for public dissemination.

It’s Saturday night. Gonna watch some Forensic TV and maybe a movie with Lizzie. Hooyaa I get 5 more ‘science channels’ and all the movie channels with the ‘limited time only’ special package on Direct TV. Gonna enjoy my cocktails (the traditional Miss R Cocktail: Club Soda and Bitters) and make a grilled cheese.
Extra Sharp White Cheddar on sourdough if you please.

I’m pretty fucking sure that prisoners get better food than hospital patients.

Do I feel better?
Not really. I’m still lonely as hell and sad.
Am I happy to be home?
Is this the worst Halloween ever?
Pretty sure of it.
Will I stay in Reno?
I sincerely doubt it now.
This place is killing me.
On myriad levels.

Have a spiffy week and don’t eat the Jell-O!

~Miss “I Could’a Been on a Milk Carton” R

8 thoughts on “Where in the World Is Rachael Reno?

  1. I don’t even know what to say. But I can tell you this, Been there, done that x10, and I’m pretty sure I know how you feel.

    As Max says, Welcome home. Otherwise, anything out my mouth at this moment will feel plastic.


  2. Reading your post again, I’m pretty sure I know what that “confidential info” thing refers to…

    Same thing happened to me. I went in earlier this year, suffering another anxiety attack and they were going to admit me because I felt super whacko, like in an “off myself” way – but once they administered IV hydration and all that good stuff, I started to come around and we all realized that it was a lack of essential minerals thing…

    Just thought I’d share. Embarrassed but what the hell, I’ll click Submit Comment and roll the dice…


  3. oh damn at least you get it. thank you thank you.
    sadly hydration was not the answer. this is the second hospitalization in 12 years.
    it sucks.
    it’s scary.
    it’s dehumanizing.

    luckily i literally talked my way out of an additional week’s stay.
    and the Oscar for this year’s Actress in a Dramatic Role…

    love you my dear


  4. “it sucks.
    it’s scary.
    it’s dehumanizing”

    Sure is. But you know what? I started attacking the weights and so far I’m anxiety attack free (however, there’s a huge illicit stash of Valium bought online directly from Germany sans prescription – JUST IN CASE)!

    Now, the only time I feel like I’m going to jump through the roof is when I’m stuffed in an aluminum tube and soaring high into the friendly skies!

    Feel better, sweetie.


  5. i wish i could attack the weights again. my gym membership expired and i cannot afford to renew it. i try to walk each day. i miss my weights and the pool -sigh-. hopefully i can get that life back. soon. really fucking soon. thanks for the words of encouragement, kindness and suggestions!


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