How to Do the Carbon Monoxide Boogie

bad fireplace. gimme carbon monoxide poioning!

Really. This IS the fireplace in Miss R's home

Just finished almost suffocating myself and the cat. Got to quit reading Miss Plath.

Damned smokey/wet wood and ancient fireplace. Only heat we have right now and it’s been snowing and cold. Turning on the furnace literally costs $20.00 for 20 minutes…. which is just long enough for the heat to rise from the furnace in the basement to the registers. Then we shut it off.
Only use it when the weather is below 25F. Long enough to warm the bathroom for a shower. Mmmm warm bathroom.

Last time we used the house heater was Saturday. Huge-ass scary Makes-The-Shining-Furnace-Look-Like-a-Piker that takes up a quarter of the basement. Originally built to use wood.
I could make a fortune scaring people just showing this damned furnace to people.

the neighors reaction to out Shining furnace

Neighbors Reaction to my furnace

So, went to pay the rent, came back and the living room was thick with smoke. Gone for 10 minutes tops.
If it’s finally up to 55F in your only warm room you don’t douse the fire to run pay the rent. You let it go low and don’t leave it blazing. You do not put it out.
Damn I don’t leave the house if the dryer is running.

The room was thick with smoke, my eyes watered immediately and head started to hurt. And Lizzie Borden, the infamous inbred Persian was sleeping (or possible suffocating) on the sofa. Grabbed the cat and put her in the back of the house.

Opened the door, hit the fans and THEN heard a fire engine come up the street.

Now convinced that the chimney was clogged (have had carbon monoxide poisoning twice before in the last 15 years. Both times because my houses had a wood heat) I could only think…. Oh fuck. The bill for this will kill me before the gas.

Fire engine stopped at the old folks home across the street.
As they and the ambulances do at least three times a day.

Headache is going away, cat horked up a hairball and some Purina. No biggie.

Trying to figure out why I quit smoking in January

~Miss R

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