Whiney Whiney Look Out Behind Me

Imagine long hair curly hair. It could happen, With Me.



Dammit. Spent the day havering my hair done.  4 hours. Have a hell of a lot of hair.
Black with purple highlights. As usual. Die young and leave a good corpse.

Forget which punk said that but still live it.

Ciggies and champagne do it. Laughter and being amusing helps

Going to be 50 this year. Fuck middle age. Will live to at least 100.

~Miss R

Tomorow look for the pictogram illustrating how to get out of Co-Pay hell. assuming you live through surgery. Otherwise, who the hell cares!

And.. my hair looks way cooler than the pic above. Hoping to leave black and purple hair dye stains on the white hospital pillows. Bills alone make it worth it. Just sayin’

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