Back Good. Fire Bad.

Many of you;  okay three,  readers know that I’ve had a nasty back surgery that failed. Well not failed. Just didn’t help. And hurts worse now. But NOT failed. -eye roll-.

The back is degenerating so quickly that there’s nothing but surgery ahead (two in the next 5 years and two more in ten year. If I said yes. Shockingly said to doc…no thanks) and in 10 years the disc degeneration will be up to L1.

My happy go lucky neurosurgeon told me I’m fucked then; medical science hasn’t caught up to fixin’ that upper part of the spine. So off to pain management and voodoo spinal electo-stim for me. Ohhh and a drug test. Ooops. For the first time in months I actually had a few hits of smoke last week. Doomed I tell you.Damned hippie!

Point for them is that the DEA are fuckers. Actually not fuckers; too many docs over-prescribe.
Blah blah blah.

So I have the spine of an 80 year old….Hmmm wonder what that 80 year old is doing for a spine? -rim shot-. Once again see if you can name that paraphrase. Hint: Peter O Toole

Spent almost two hours practicing piano today. Longest, and first, time I have been able to sit upright to practice for a year and a half. I am SO FUCKING THRILLED!!!! Did it hurt? Hell yeah. Did I get release and love the music I played till I cried? HELL YES!

All is klar der kommisar.

Here’s a video from my FAVE piano player. Best in the business; and I grew up with Elton John, Randy Newman and Billy Joel. Ben Folds puts them all in the dust…

Be well my friends!

~Miss R

A bit of a PS: If you don’t know: Nick Hornby wrote Hugh Fidelity and About a Boy (and all the lyrics on Ben’s most recent album), Ben folds is a genius both on piano (doesn’t show in this video) who is also a drummer and writer of  full orchestrations (with symphonic credits directing and scoring his music for world reknown orchestras) with the same influences that I have, and Pomplamoose is a newer band.

8 thoughts on “Back Good. Fire Bad.

    • Thanks Tony. just started seeing a pain management doc -who is a total dickwad as a human being. Hopefully he is a good doctor.
      I know for sure, again, that the piano is still my best friend; a friend that thrills me, cheers me when I’m sad, and never has a nasty thing to say about anyone… unless of an accidental 2nd during a riff. Then I hear it complain -grin-.


  1. Very sorry to hear that, Ms. B… sounds ridiculously AWFUL!
    Back pain is the worst… I can’t even imagine! So not cool! 😦

    It took me a few decades (giver or take) to realize ‘Der Kommissar’s in town’ is not actually ‘come in Sargent Tom’. *sigh*


  2. thanks for the kind words SIG.
    As for Der Kommisar my own favorite mondegreen is a line from a song by The Cars. There is a great collection on a site called ‘Kiss This Guy,’ a reference to the Hendrix song. site has been around for at least 10 years and is a great time waster.

    At my wedding (that would be ex-husband number one) the DJ played ‘Amadeus’ while the new hubby, I and our best friends sat at the front table singing loudly ‘Rock Me On A Dais.’ Yes, it was on purpose.


  3. There’re no alternatives to the surgery? I hope you can find a stim/therapy/painkiller regimen that still lets you be you.

    My guess for the “Spine of an 80 year old” line is My Favorite Year, about Merle Oberon’s eyes
    O’Toole – Your eyes. They’re Merle Oberon’s eyes
    Baker – Oh? And what’s Merle doing for eyes? Using (Bette Davis?)’?

    I never knew Pomplamoose did anything besides those Hyundai commercials last year…


    • El Guapo you WIN!!
      Merle Oberon’s eyes is the line. Not only are you a fine writer but appreciate a classic film. Probably the closest to a 30’s ‘screwball’ comedy in the last 40 years. Remake of To Be or Not to Be not counted as it’s the re-make. Ahhhh Carole Lombard and Jack Benny in the original.

      Your prize? A FREE cyber-hug! OR you could trade it for the box where Carol Merrill is standing.

      Yep, Pomplamoose has been around for about two years. Lots of good tunes -quite poppy but original- and the video I posted was a YouTube Beta-thing: Music and video is recorded all live -no auto-tune, re-recording, no two takes (or more) or re-mixing, Likin’ that idea.You record, film and what you get is what you work with.

      Nothing to do about the back 😦 implant of a tens unit (voodoo -sorry. family are all physicians..except me. black sheep with a college degree in Music heh). Only meds and physical therapy -can’t afford the latter. Co-pay alone is $100.00 a session for PT. Yeah sure. If I want to go without heat, electric, food… you get the idea. Do what I can from the few sessions I could afford. Wish there was a heated (or any) pool near by.
      Neurosurgeon told me I’ll never be pain free and it will continue to get worse.
      Just gonna keep on fightin’ on -grin-.
      Surgery sucks and refused more -which was encouraged by the doc-but it IS a fab weight loss plan. See, not all is lost! Execpt poundage.

      Once again many congrats on having the amazing taste to recognize a line from My Favorite Year. Hugz and Sword fights
      ~Miss R


  4. A typical Saturday Morning need-to-leave-the-house-but-can’t-find-anything conversation between me and the wife:
    Me: Where are my keys? And where did I put my hat? and WHO THE HELL IS NIBLIK?!?
    Wife (sighing and rolling her eyes): You’re climbing instructor form the Himalayas, dear.

    (you also inspired me to hang that clip on my survey poll for this week)

    I’m guessing you had the 2nd, 3rd, 4th opinions from multiple doctors? do they all agree with Neurosurgeon?


    • heheheheh. love the convo between you and your wife.

      Going with a pain management doc, but not the first one I saw. Let’s just say calling him a dick is the highest praise I can offer. See the Neurosurgeon again on Monday.
      And yes, I did get 2 different other opinions. the CRT, Lumbar puncture, MRI and X-rays all tell the same fucked story.

      Having a lot of great days recently! Tonight isn’t one of them. cooked a fine meal of roast beef, sour cream mashed potatoes and home-made gravy.
      All of the bending, preparation and clean-up put threw me back into bed.
      The heating pad is my friend!

      On the great side: Have leftovers galore!
      On the sucky side: putting on weight that was taken off.
      On the great side: Because I’m doing better and able to cook and get out of bed. Hell I even want to try skiing again this year. This would be the second season I miss. Even just try. Going to ask the doc.

      Thanks for checking up on me. You’re the best. People like yourself help keep the depression -the product of another organic disease- at bay.
      And I appreciate it more than words can express.


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