Total Shit! Paid for by The WB

Those long dead/bankrupt bastages at KREN…..

Here is only one example of what I wasted station time, money, equipment, employee wages and amusement on. Oh wait. WB doesn’t own this one nheh

Sure it sucks but what the hell. It’s the point.

The curly headed plump one is moi, the rest of the cast /artists/editors are all Executive names as well. Obviously once this hit the advertising circuit for the station (not to mention the website -oops my department) it was cut. Within 24 hours. Nevermind that we were were raising money for a charity, as stated on the eBay auction.

And part of the point is that once we put it on eBay as a joke I got an almost immediate call from WB Burbank headquarters telling me to cease and desist… or my job would be rendered the same.

Puhlease. This is such a piece of short crap that HOW did they ever see it?

Oh wait. Made some nasty enemies (aka non-loving kiss kiss friends) on my travels down there.

If I can ever get MY produced pieces back will post them. Sorry. You may have to live though them. On the positive side… they are FAR superior to this ‘let’s take a few days off with station equipment because ‘Rachael said we can do it for the website.’

10 thoughts on “Total Shit! Paid for by The WB

    • So true Tony, THEY always notice.
      You would think that the powers that be would appreciate a fine piece of art going up for auction on eBay to support a wonderful Reno charity. Great publicity alone. I said.
      Cretins. The painting received two bids before I had to remove it.

      Naturally you noticed the painting reversal -grin-.
      You’re a treasure.


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