A Ron Paul Dance

Had to add the video, for old times sake.

If you’re foolish enough to think that Ron Paul didn’t  ‘know about’ the first person newsletters bashing Jews for almost 10 years and his other fabulous. sorry loon, crap then ignore the video.

Wanted to put the song up for Ron’s platform speeches though. You’re welcome Ron. Expect a Cabinet position for Miss R.

12 thoughts on “A Ron Paul Dance

    • glad you heard it. video is ridicuous but came across the song on my playlist6 and thought that it fit Paul’s current persona so well.
      Of course, you could probably insert a politician of your choice


  1. Nice El Guapo! I shall appoint you and Tony Ministers of Music and All Things Art.
    A Vote for For Me is a vote for,uh, Me! I shall be a kind and just ruler. Unless you piss me off or put a fiver in the tip jar and demand to hear ‘Memories.’
    Grounds for immediate execution. Probably Worse.
    Maybe lock the offender in a room of lobbyists and political/corporate sponsors for 24 hours.


  2. I’m a bit confused. I don’t understand how this video has to do with Ron Paul’s newsletters.

    I have found that the best way to make sure there is no controversial stuff in my newsletters is to not write newsletters.


    • has nothing to do with his newsletters. just threw that in after too much reading yesterday and being forced to listen to acquaintances extoll the virtues of Ron Paul all day. These people are anti-semites, anti-gay, anti-Mexican.. well you get the picture.
      Point of the video was to show he’s basically a two faced pol who has nothing to offer but his ‘outside’ persona. which changes at whim.
      He simply looks good.

      Some are the same people who refer to me -to my face- as ‘xxxxxx.’-name redacted-.
      My opinions do not count, so I simply shut the hell up during these forays into Beck-Limbaugh-Twilight zone land.
      In reality I do not like any politicians or anyone’s platform. Except yours of course.

      Despite this I still exercise my right to vote. And rarely post anything even hinting at politics or my preferences or feelings in this blog.
      This was kind of a one-off.


  3. I see the understanding even the remotest corner of the entire current political spectrum as an example of LSD gone wrong, as surely you would need a hallucinogen to understand the brand of (il)logic employed by the herd of politicians. Such a waste of good drugs.


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