Saw comments on this pic stating that the kid was disturbed. Sorry: this kid is the only creative and intelligent kid in the class. How the fuck can you be president or an astronaut at the age of of 110?
Yes those were the other answers and drawings from this class.

This kid is almost as cool as the Demon Seed. Almost


32 thoughts on “Image of the Week. BRAAAAAIIINSSSSS

    • EG: I am POSITIVE you’re right, The author’s mom -whom I corresponded with- seemed bummed that her kid was the ‘only one’ that felt this way. The other kids wrote astronaut, president, etc… clearly their parents hadn’t gotten around to the ‘you know the body DOES wear out and then you rot’ speech.
      Wrote that her child was the only intelligent and creative one in the class


    • Pandora: no do not change your ideals. Children are worthless. You are so right.. And yes I have one.
      Caveat: MINE is brilliant, fabulous and the finest person in the world. Hard for any other kid to compete really/


  1. Another genius persecuted by an educational system of bullshit conformity. When will “teachers” get it that creativity and nonconformity will change the world, not regurgitated trivial and meaningless facts? There! I feel better now :).


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