Marc Bolan was greater than Jesus

Bow down kids. I shall allow you to kiss the ring.
Do you know how difficult it is to find Anything  glam era on MP3?

I mean outside of my hard drives?
Forget the the vinyl we all ditched -bangs head against monitor-

Oh you know you love me…..

Don’t forget the great strides that were made during the late 70’s -musicians fucking off disco and punk- making a new scene. Making the 80’s.
Music and Derangement,

Miss R

6 thoughts on “Marc Bolan was greater than Jesus

  1. Damn you all to hell Internet blckers, why is Australia-land always access denied. We’ve got a goddam friggin island mentality too, ya know! Just don’t go swimming in our ocean. If it wasn’ for that friggin tree Marc Bolan would …. Ah never mind!


  2. Not sure on the kissing of the ring
    Miss. Blackraven but T Rex was wicked 🙂

    Have a ghoulish weekend now 😉

    Androgoth XXx


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