Gone for Three Days: New Ben Folds

Ten of my favorite artists in the world . Together.

Ben Folds is my favorite  paramount piano player composer. Liberally mix  Billy Joel, Elton, Randy Newman, classical, stride, and completely original darkly humorous and/or serious music and lyrics.

Add British  contemporary writer; Bruce Hornby . The author of High Fidelity , About A Boy, Fever Pitch, and many other wonderful novels and short stories.

The video posted below features a song with all lyrics by Hornby and all music by Folds.

Ordered the new Ben Folds album. Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls), Bruce Hornby, William Shatner (hysterical), Pomplamoose, Sydney Orchestra, Squirrel Nut Zippers , name a new indie and he’s there,  NEW Ben Folds Five… Ben rocks. Several of the  tracks were written during the time period that Folds and Hornby were working on Ben’s previous release ‘Picture Window’ but were not included on the album.

A CD is finally available of not only ‘best of’  Folds, new Ben Folds Five, Hornby and Fold’s collaborations but live performances and  rarities. Feel free to order. I did.
The Best Imitation of Myself: A Retrospective Perceptive.

Here’s a video -which has could have been posted previously on YoYo-Dyne-. As usual with Youtube you may need to let this load to see it in full..sans the damned buffering shiat.

~Miss R


First of all apologies to all of the wonderful writers out there, that I have not commented on recently. Hell, am not even capable to comment on the YoYo-Dydne Posts. Back up to 500 in the Inbox unopened.

If you’ve been following for a while I’ve been known to drop off the face of the earth for a week or so at a time. Still alive and kicking though.

The disease keeps me from leaving the house, interacting , answering the phone, working like a damned normal person and keeping the fear away.

So, despite the SSD diagnosis, and Mensa membership (genius and insanity remember?) my musical compass has always been right on.

Love Leonard Cohen. Also know that there are better covers of Leonard’s songs than his original Hallelujah .

Here is Damien Rice. One of my  favorite musicians, and his rendition of this beautiful song.

And I apologize once  again if I have not gotten to your post.

Be Well.

~Miss R


It’s Money that I love… nothing to see here..no. really

Randy Newman is one of my musical heroes. Too many people associate his music with ‘Short People’, which he didn’t want to be released as a single.

Here’s the twisted Newman.. that I love


Dial M for….. ‘M’ is for Murder

Here’s my newest hit tune to try and get your ire up. Or Irish. Or Hebe. Perhaps Eye-talian.

Mitt Romney could be a blood relative. Scary.

Before this honorarium here’s a story dealing with murder. Well you faithful readers know PF2 from previous posts. New readers? PsychoFuck2; The last ex-husband.

So anyway he’s buried in the old farmhouse in Michigan. The one I gave over to PF2 in order to escape. Now I’m forced to leave this hip home in Reno due to lack of space.

PF2 lost my house in foreclosure. I was so depressed the party at my house was broken up by the police.

Luckily for the new owners of the place in Michigan the vegetable garden has awesome soil.

Naw not the money is making me move. Everybody Lies.

Yeppers. The basement is full. Despite The Shining furnace. Could not get the damned bodies into the wood or coal burner. Tall bastards. That’s the way I like it like it like it uh huh uh huh uh huh.

Anyway the ground has been frozen solid here in Reno for 5 months. This is NOT a funeral home. No room at the Inn. Hell, I adore dating… just not most of the dates. Basement is full. Garden can’t be dug up for at least another 4 weeks.

Moving is the only option. Oh, I’m not a nutjob like the White City murderer. Just a conscientious dating and single gal. And what’s a fire poker between friends?

 Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. On to More Murder

Ode to Mitt Romney


Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Mitt Romney
You‘re acting the ‘publican zombie.

Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Mitt Romney
Are you sure that you’re not the commie

Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Mitt Romney
Your wardrobe is bought via Palin

The losers behind in the polling
Get cash for the clothes from the mailman

Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Mitt Romney
Your RNC vests are so omni

Can hardly wait till you’re in the bathroom
Just tapping your foot with a zoom zoom

Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Mitt Romney
How can you stay ‘way from the Blacks and Jews

Your comments on all Anti-Mormon
Are all responses to morans.

Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Mitt Romney
Your voting is such a di’chotmy

Think self-deportation shall work
And medical care is for jerks

Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Mitt Romney
I know that you’re just fucking sorry

If murder was legal in this state
You’d be in my garden in slate

No Ted Nugent on this one. Still thinking of a video producer. Oh wait. I’m a  TV producer. Hmmmm need casting suggestions. Any suggestions or volunteers?

M is for Murder. Of our country.

~Miss R

L is for Laughter…

and Les Misérables.

Laughter is something we’re unfamiliar here at YoYo-Dyne. After all, Lithium is no longer available on credit* Funny how laughter and fear go together. Am thinking that’s why they do. What’s funnier than fear? Or death? Nothing! Here’s a tidbit including Laughter, Life and Les Mis…

Damn I miss living in NYC


* YoYo-Dyne (and Buckaroo Banzai devotees ) will recognize that line.

Off again to the Nuke Ranch

Am already 450 emails behind -am up to April 1st so no bitchin’.

Another weekend at the Ranch That Arsenic and Nuclear Testing Built; working on the toys and rides for Burning Man. Seeing friends too.

So, will be even more behind on Monday. Have a fab weekend and love the one you’re with… even if it’s yourself. Fap on.

~Your Bi(coastal) Gal

~Miss R